Trump vs. Biden: Frustrated with my culture's suppression of critical thinking

If there was one thing I did differently this election, it was listening. I listened to all of the people who wanted to vote for Mr. Biden. I listened while

1. riding the train

2. conversing with friends and family

3. reading posts and comments on social media channels

4. viewing interviews on YouTube and various TV outlets

5. navigating my neighborhood

The sad conclusion I drew from all this listening is that people of color— “my people” – cannot articulate one good reason for voting for Mr. Biden.

Most gave “reasons” like these:

1. He served with President Obama.

2. He feels like home.

3. Plainly, they don’t like President Trump and want him out.

4. He appointed a black female VP as part of his team.

5. They believe he could do a better job. (This explanation is typically not supported with evidence.)

I want you to really dissect these reasons. Circle back, and let me know if they are weighty enough to vote for someone to run the country.

I’ll be honest: at one point in my life, I was just like the people I listened to during this election. I cast votes based on weak assumptions and faulty analyses of the bigger picture.

As a Christian African American single mother, one would assume I would vote for Mr. Biden, hands down. I, too, “value the color of my skin,” and identify as a pro-black individual. However, as a growing Christian, I decided to navigate this process with a different lens.

I began to do my homework, carefully researching

a. President Trump’s track record during his four years in the White House

b. Mr. Biden’s 47-year political track record, contributions to the African American community, and legislative plans

c. Kamala Harris’ political track record and contributions to African American community

While I can compare and contrast the resumes of these individuals, I think it is best for you to do that on your own. The unfortunate reality is that you will be shocked at what you find, if you do your homework.

Right now in my life, my Christian values are more important to me than the color of my skin. For this reason, I voted for President Trump. I chose President Trump because of his

1. legislative agenda that is not anti-Christ

2. impressive 4-year track record in the White House

3. contributions to the African American community

4. growing love for God, which he is not shy about. He talks about God more than any other president I have witnessed. He also invites prayer before he leads major meetings.

5. 100% authenticity. I admire him for being himself, even as the President of the United States.

He does not put on a facade like most politicians.

It’s easy for us to get confused about which candidate is the best, when we have to constantly absorb character assassination propaganda concerning President Trump from networks that are largely against him. Do we even question the information we hear anymore?

My point is this:

1. Take the time to do your homework, and stop allowing the media to do it for you. Casting a vote is an important decision.

2. Make sure you can “fact check” your reasons for moving forward with your choice.

If you voted for Mr. Biden—good for you. I respect your choice. Make sure you had a good reason for it. That’s all.

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