Building a business proposal is a very detailed process which takes multiple steps to make sure that your proposal:

  • Gets attention from banks and/or investors
  • Solidifies your creditability and worthiness of such an investment
  • Seals the deal for your business to scale


This package includes an in-depth analysis of your industry and specific niche. The in-depth review allows us to uncover hidden positioning data, industry demands, marketing details, deficiencies, information relevancy, competition dynamics, and recommendations for growth. In this step, we play matchmaker to transform an underperforming and/or underdeveloped business outline. We make sure that your outline highlights your goal of staying ahead of the competition, has a track record of sustainable growth and cash flow, employee attractiveness, market demand, etc. to speak the investor’s language while effectively telling your business story. 


Here at Brown Resumes, Inc. we are passionate about making sure you are confident about taking your next steps, so we take the time to craft a proposal that will build your confidence. Besides writing, also included in this package is reviewing and proofreading, keyword reconciliation, condensing your information, additional research to ensure that your documents are aligned to the goal they’re targeting.

Business Plan

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